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Photo workshop Cinque Terre

Italy is a beautiful country and one of its jewels is a unique little area on the rocky and steep Ligurian coast called Cinque Terre. Five small towns that made the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1997.
Cinque Terre

What will you see?

We will visit all the towns of Cinque Terre, but also the ports of Portovenere and the military port of La Spezia. We will take at least one morning or evening photo in each of the Cinque Terre towns with a port.

And why with me?

Liguria borders Tuscany and the Cinque Terre area has been part of several of my trips to Tuscany and French Provence. I quickly fell in love with the area and love to return. It has repeatedly been an inspiration to me, I have taken many interesting photographs and met many interesting people. And this is where photography in Cinque Terre is very different from photography in Tuscany.

In the theoretical part I will show you how to prepare for photographic expeditions using the Internet. I will show you photos of individual locations and together we will analyze their strengths and possible shortcomings. I'll also show you how to process your photos.


September 23. - 28., 2022
May 8. - 13., 2023

Expected program

1st day: meeting at 3 pm at accommodation, evening photo shoot
2nd - 5th day: morning photo shoot, personal time off, visits to Cinque Terre towns, evening photo shoot
6th day: morning photo shoot, departure

Recommended equipment

- mirrorless or DSLR with interchangeable lenses
- lenses of virtually any range, we use both wide and long lens (don't forget lens hood(s) at home!)
- proper tripod and cable trigger (can replace IR or radio trigger)
- ND Graduated filters are very necessary, if you do not own them, I recommend rentig them
- field boots and a plastic bag to put them in after changing (rubber boots will not be needed)
Cinque Terre


Emil Čelustka, Photos from Tuscany, //tuscany.photos/emil-celustka.html


CZK 6.990 (about EUR 297)

Price includes: Professional guidance in photography during the workshop, face-to-face consultations, 2 hours of theoretical explanation and demonstration of the lecturer's work.
Price does not includes: Workshop transport, accommodation or local fees, meals or insurance. These costs are borne by each participant.

After registration, you will receive a call for payment of CZK 1,000. By making this payment, your registration will be complete and your place at the workshop will be secure. You will be asked to pay the rest to the workshop fee one month before the workshop.

Transport by car

You can travel with your own car, but considering the distance and cost, I recommend carpooling. There are 3 seats in my car and we can arrange a second car. The exact conditions of carpooling must be agreed with the car owner. We travel almost 3.000 km from the Czech Republic and costs up to CZK 4.000 per capita.

If you come with me from Brno: Before departure, I collect CZK 4.000 as a deposit for carpooling. The deposit will be subject to billing.

Transport by air

You can also travel by air to Pisa International Airport. You can rent a car at the airport and travel the last 100 km in less than 2 hours. In this instance, it is recommended that tere are at least two people.

But maybe you don't want to drive at all. Therefore, it is also possible to negotiate picking up a group of a maximum of 7 photographers at the airport in Pisa and throughout the workshop I will carry you in an 8-seater van. The terms and conditions must be agreed individually in advance.


For workshop participants I will arrange accommodation in a suitable location within the Cinque Terre or in one of the surrounding villages. Most of the photographic locations are within 30 minutes drive. The accommodation is usually double rooms, mostly with double beds, and there is an equipped kitchenette. Price per night is up to EUR 50 per night, 5 nights for EUR 250.

The accommodation fee is usually paid in cash in euro upon arrival. You will be informed in advance about the details and the exact price.


We will eat after the morning shooting from our own supplies and you will also have the opportunity to buy from a baker and in the local shops. Lunch and dinner will be in a restaurant or we will cook something. Everything you need is often cheaper in Italy than in the Czech Republic.

Cinque Terre


A lot of things can happen in life, so it is important to know the cancellation policy.

The payment of CZK 1,000 for the registration confirmation is non-refundable. But the good news is that if you decide on another of the offered workshop dates in Tuscany or Cinque Terre, I will transfer your registration to the chosen workshop and date free of charge. You will not lose anything.

If you have already paid up to the full price of the workshop on the basis of the second call, i.e. cancellation is made in the last 30 days before departure, I will be forced to deduct the amount for your share of the accommodation (up to 240€) from the workshop price and the remaining amount will be refunded to you. Only if another participant is able to fill the vacancy, I will be able to offer you a re-registration for another date (including the full amount paid) or a full refund of the balance. However, I cannot guarantee this service.

If you do not respond to the call for payment of the workshop price within the next 10 days and do not make payment of the balance, I will be forced to consider this as a cancellation of your booking and will offer the place in the workshop to another participant. In this case, the amount of CZK 1,000 will be forfeited.

Hopefully these lines will make it easier for you to decide and plan your photo shoot..

Something extra?

For years I have benn going to Italy to take photos with my friends and I do not want to change anything about it. Plans for the next day are discussed together and we can also visit places you want to see that are not on the agenda. And because in my daily life I cook mostly Italian cuisine, I like to cook for friends in Cinque Terre. I understand, everyone is a little afraid and does not want to risk it, but so far everyone has been very pleasantly surprised and in the end I always get requests for my recipes. So pick up some courage and leave unnecessary supplies at home. Moreover, cooking time and money is much less demanding than visiting a restaurant. One meal for only EUR 3..

If you arrive or depart on a different day than my workshop, I can give you tips for places of interest and help you find accommodation.


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Cinque Terre
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