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Photo Workshop Tuscany

Tuscany is renowned among photographers for its unique landscape of picturesque atop rolling hills, cypress and pine trees along the roads adding beauty and depth to the ever-changing scenery and last, but not least, great light.
Belvedere, Tuscany

What will you see?

We will visit all the classic places in Val d'Orcia, Tuscany and photograph these at least once in the morning or evening. I will show you the usual, popular locations, and also the places, that not everyone knows. But not only that. We will search for compositions in the landscape and search for the places to capture them. We spend every day traveling through the breathtakingly beautiful countryside, adapting to the constantly changing weather conditions and above all, making the most of the great light.

We will also visit ancient Tuscan towns, enjoy Italian espresso, taste local wines and famous Italian cuisine. We will soak up the tranquil atmosphere of Tuscany and experience slow way of life outside the main tourist season.

And why with me?

I have been traveling to Tuscany to take pictures since 2006, the last year in both Spring and Autumn. Even after so many years I still carefully prepare and research for every photo shoot in Tuscany, looking for new places and new inspiration.

In the theoretical part I will show you how to prepare for photographic expeditions using the Internet. I will show you photos of individual locations and together we will analyze their strengths and possible shortcomings. I'll also show you how to process your photos.

In addition, I am the author of the photo guide 'Tuscany' for the mobile application, Fripito. The preparation of the guide greatly improved my knowledge of Tuscany. I spent hundreds of hours selecting photos, writing texts, searching maps, collecting and verifying information.


April 27 - Mai 3, 2024
October 30 - November 5, 2024

Expected program

1st day: meeting at 4 pm (3 pm in October), accommodation, evening photo shoot
2nd - 6th day: morning photo shoot, exploring Tuscany, evening photo shoot
7th day: morning photo shoot, end of the workshop, departure home

Recommended equipment

- mirrorless or DSLR with interchangeable lenses
- full range lenses, we will use both wide angle and long lenses (don't forget lens hood(s) at home!)
- proper tripod and remote shutter release (wired, IR, BT or wifi shutter)
- graduated and solid ND filters are very necessary, if you do not own them, I recommend rentig them (friends or commercial rental in your city)
- rubber boots and plastic bag to store them in


Emil Čelustka, Photos from Tuscany


CZK 7,990 (about EUR 340)
Price includes:
- 6x evening photo session
- 6x morning photo session
- visits to photo locations and towns during the day
- exper guidance in photography
- personal consultation during the photo shoot
- lecture on the theory of photography
- lecture on tripods
- lecture on photo management
- lecture and demo on photo processing
- detection of manipulated photographs
- practical packing list
Price does not include:
- transport to the venue
- transpor during the workshop
- accommodation cost and local fees
- meals and drinks
- travel insurance
What is the progress:
- you’ll be asked to pay the deposit CZK 1,000
- this payment will secure your place at the workshop
- 30 days before WS you’ll be asked to pay CZK 6,990
- if you register in the last 6 weeks before the workshop, you will be asked to pay the full fee at once


You can travel in your own car, but there are other options. More informations...

Carsharing from Czech Republic:
We drive almost 3,000 km and the cost is usually around CZK 4,000 per head in a fully occupied car. The exact conditions of carpooling must be agreed with the owner of the vehicle.
There are 3 seats in my car. Before departure I collect CZK 4,000 as a deposit for the carpool. The deposit will be subject to billing.
Transport by air:
You can also travel by air to Pisa International Airport. You can rent a car at the airport and drive the last 160 km in less than 3 hours. For this case, it is better if there are at least two of you and you share the cost of the rental car.
Transport by van:
But maybe you don't want to drive at all. It is possible that I will pick up the group of max 7 photographers in the Czech Republic or at the airport in Pisa and I will drive you in an 8-seater van for the whole workshop. The date and conditions must be agreed individually in advance.


For the workshop participants, I arrange accommodation at a farmhouse near the most interesting locations so that it is not necessary to travel long distances for the photo shoot. Most of the best locations are within a 30-minute drive. The farmhouse usually has double rooms, mostly with double beds, and a fully equipped kitchen. The price per night tends to be around EUR 45 per night, 6 nights for EUR 270. Singles per room can be up to double the price.

Because I do not know in advance the number of participants, the composition of the group or individual requirements, I choose accommodation only after paying the full price of the workshop. You will be informed about the details and the exact price before departure.


First breakfast from your own supplies, for the next days you will have the opportunity to buy from the baker and the shop. Lunch and dinner in the restaurant or cook something. Everything you need can often be bought cheaper in Italy than in the Czech Republic.

Val d’Orcia, Tuscany

Cancellation policy

A lot of things can happen in life, so it is important to know the cancellation policy. More informations...

If you have not yet paid to the full price:
The payment of CZK 1,000 for the registration confirmation is non-refundable. If you are unable to attend on the intended date and decide to attend another workshop or date of mine, I will transfer your registration and deposit to the new date free of charge. You will not lose anything.
If you don't pay up to the full price:
If you do not respond to the call for payment within the next 10 days and do not make the payment to the full price, I will be forced to consider this as a cancellation of your booking and will offer the place in the workshop to another participant. In this case, the amount of CZK 1,000 will be forfeited.
If you have already paid to the full price:
Then cancellation is made in the last 30 days before departure and I will be forced to deduct the amount for your share of the accommodation from the workshop price. I will refund the positive difference, and require you to pay the negative difference. I recommend taking out commercial travel cancellation insurance for these cases.

Something extra?

I'm open to your ideas. We will discuss plans for the next day together and we can visit places you you want to see that are not on the agenda. And since I cook daily in my everyday life, mostly Italian cuisine, I would be happy to cook for you in Tuscany. I understand everyone is a little scared and doesn't want to take chances, but so far everyone has been very pleasantly surprised and I end up handing out recipes every time. So take some courage and leave the unnecessary supplies at home. Plus, cooking is much less time and money consuming than going to a restaurant. Portions for EUR 4...

And if you wish and travel with me from Czech Republic, we can leave a day early for the night so that we can catch the sunrise at some of the interesting locations in Tuscany. We'll be tired after traveling all night, but that morning photo shoot could be very interesting. We will get almost a whole extra day. And it's free for you.

If you arrive or depart on a different day than my workshop, I can give you tips for places of interest and help you find accommodation.

Photo Gear Rental

I am ready to rent you the necessary photographic gear so that this service will save you time and improve your first experience with landscape photography with telephoto lenses. Canon bodies and stable tripods for various heights are also available. There's also lots of other useful stuff and bits and bobs that aren't described on the site. Just ask me.

More at Photo Gear Rental. If you are interested in the service, the best way to do this is to add a message to the registration note.


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